Fishing report or weather forecast?

Fishing report or weather forecast?

The fishing report that we all know and love has now been made available in yet another app. This week’s curiosity’s called ‘ScoutLook Weather Fishing app’, quite the mouth full. Apparently a merger of three different disciplines, the app offers a wide range features for a measly  $3.99 or €3,04. Launched at the beginning of this year in Google Play and iTunes alike, both Android and IOS users are catered to.

Trinity with hidey-holes

The first component involved is ScoutLook itself, giving all kinds of details about weather conditions, solunar phase and wind involvement. A map of the landscape below the waterline, complete with Catfish hidey-holes and everything, is provided by the second component: FishMarx. Third and final, DritftPoint concerns itself with wind patterns and how your boat is expected to drift according to them. This odd trinity is united in the somewhat neglected and underdeveloped fishing report feature that combines data-entry from all three components. Every fish logged is automatically supplemented with weather information, water conditions and location.

ScoutLook fishing report: weather

ScoutLook Weather Fishlog is predominantly about the weather and has nothing new to offer concerning the fishing report

Fishing report secondary function

Clearly, ScoutLook is stuffed to the brim with features that have little to do with a fishing report, many of which reportedly work and others that don’t. Although very useful to recall previous fishing locations, the app uses outdated maps has a tendency to crash when certain functions are used. Interestingly enough, the developers pride themselves in having a fish log function that only works with drop-down menus. Experience has taught that this doesn’t exactly lead to convenience for fishing apps but utter frustration instead. We all know how annoying it is when you can’t set the correct species for your fishing report. And while we’re at it, why is there no room for tackle information?

Online access to the data implies a link to other users; alas this is not the case. Developers claim that the app will help you with planning your next trip, ensuring the best fishing possible. How, we ask, is that possible when you’re not a very experienced fisherman with extensive knowledge of the surroundings? After all, you can only access your own data, inherently meaning that you can only plan another trip to your own best fishing spot so far. So it reinforces where you have been fishing, but says nothing about where you should be fishing!

ScoutLook Weather Fishlog: catches

ScoutLook Weather Fishlog gives very detailed weather information, yet little catch information… it’s not a fishing app people, it’s a weather forecast!

Declared a weather app

In this age of market research we cannot, of course, ignore consumer behavior. Interestingly enough, almost all people that bought ScoutLook also decided to purchase ‘The Weather Channel’ app. This says to us is that people view ScoutLook much more as a disappointing weather app then a fishing app. With all the wind, current and buoy information it dawned on us that it might actually be very suitable for amateur sailing! Probably not what they intended for their fishing app. Then again, beggars can’t be choosers…