Bass fishing app by FLW successfull

Bass fishing app by FLW successfull

FLW Outdoors has a long-standing, well-deserved reputation in Bass fishing that precedes it all the way to Europe. Every patriarch that’s burdened with upholding such a reputation will recognize the effect that offspring can have, be it beneficial or devastating. This warrants a closer look at the fishing app that spawned from FLW Outdoors, called ‘FLW Tournament Bass Fishing’. We set out to expose its true nature and figure out which one flies…

‘FLW Tournament Bass Fishing’ is available for both Google Play and iPhone App Store.
The overall android score comes down to a very respectable 4.4 stars out of a total of five. Review results from the app store, unfortunately, are very few and thus inconclusive. Users have to download the basic app, containing some basic functions, which is free of charge. Unsurprisingly so, more advanced functions are then available against a charge of $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year.


No freebies for members

Some people are apparently having trouble understanding the philosophy underlying the charges and payment of ‘FLW Tournament Bass Fishing’ app. After all, FLW Outdoors is a big organization with plenty of loyal members that already pay for using the FLW facilities. Apparently, the app isn’t part of the arrangement and everyone’s expected to pay separate for its services. Live video feed to cover tournament progress and final weigh-ins are all part of the premium version, regardless of FLW membership. Adding to all the difficulties is the fact that regular Google Play cards for some reason aren’t accepted as payment. A final blow, the video feed is cluttered with messages from sponsors and other commercials. Who’d want to pay for listening to commercials?

FLW Tournament Bass Fishing app - Tournament Info

The FLW Tournament Bass Fishing app gives an overview of all the relevant information on Bass fishing tournaments.


Updates fix most problems

As usual, there are some additional problems with ‘FLW Tournament Bass Fishing’ app. On the bright side, most problems concerning the app have nothing to do with the app itself. It’s a good product that’s still improving with every update. The app used to automatically import pictures and images to your personal image gallery, which frustrated many users; a swift update took care of the problem. Similar to this problem, many of the issues mentioned online are no longer relevant. However, the remaining issues are worth taking a closer look at.


Real problems?

Like we said before, you have to pay for using the premium video function. Even though many users have claimed great reception with a sharp picture and good sound quality, this doesn’t hold. The reason for this is that other users claim the exact opposite; mediocre picture and sound quality with bad reception causing the video to go on ‘loop’, which makes it sound like a broken record. Our conviction is that the app functions very well but only 80% of the time. Then there’s the PDF-viewer (used to access the FLW magazine), which loads very slowly and is missing a zoom function. Finally, tournament schedules are said to be cluttered because they’re in lack of separation between divisions. Having said that, these are clearly resolvable issues and developers are most likely working on an update to resolve it as we speak.


Great Bass fishing Tournament info

Despite having a few issues, Google Play is overflowing with good reviews by very enthusiastic users. It all stars with the fact that the app is very well structured, making it much easier to navigate than the official FLW Outdoors website.

The app is praised as ‘the best way of keeping up to date when you’re not near a TV or computer. It offers very complete and accurate information on Bass fishing, FLW Outdoors tournaments, their schedules and the competing Pro anglers. One of the reviewers ventures to call the app a ‘great educational experience’, explaining that he uses the app to now put together a game plan before going on a fishing trip.


FLW Tournament Bass Fishing - live updates

The FLW Tournament Bass Fishing app gives live updates about the progress of tournaments and the individual Pro anglers competing in them.

Faux Pas, yet functional

Maybe you’re one of those loyal members of FLW Outdoors membership with an ongoing membership. Contrary to common sense, you then have to pay additional fees for using an app that should have been included in the membership to begin with. On top of all that, you’re supposed to enjoy the numerous messages from sponsors. Yes, we agree that taking triple payment isn’t a classy thing to do. But apparently the financial predicament isn’t scaring off any fishermen from buying ‘FLW Tournament Bass Fishing’ app. And that’s understandable; this is one of the few fishing apps that delivers, works and satisfies, meaning we’re willing to overlook a few bad habits.